What is Depreciation?

There’s a way to unlock cash and grow your property portfolio faster.

It’s called Property Tax Depreciation and with interest rates so low, it’s perhaps a property investor’s greatest tool to reducing your taxable income and increasing your tax return giving you more cash in your pocket!

Every year, many Australian property investors fail to maximise their property tax depreciation claims. Collectively property investors in Australia are missing out on millions of dollars of unclaimed depreciation.

If you have an investment property that generates an income, chances are you are eligible to claim property depreciation as a tax deduction. Most investment properties are eligible for tax deductions whether they be residential, commercial or industrial, no matter how small or old they are.  

It is a fact that most property investors are not aware that these deductions exist.

Property tax depreciation (or ‘capital allowances’) are calculated from two different aspects of your asset;

1. Depreciating assets which are plant and equipment – items within the building like carpets, lifts, appliances and white goods.

2. Building Allowances are primarily based on the structure of your asset. Claims for these are dependent on the original construction costs and when the building was built. As a rough guide, commercial properties built after July 1982 and residential properties built after July 1985 are eligible for deductions.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has specified that Quantity Surveyors are the professionals suitably qualified to estimate deductions, and they must also be registered tax agents.

NBtax has the most experienced tax Quantity Surveyors in the country, ensuring we provide not only maximised results but also a compliant assessment. 

If you’d like to earn more cash from your property investments and you’ve yet to start benefitting from property tax depreciation, then now is the time to get your property tax depreciation schedule.

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