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Reduce their taxable income with property depreciation!

Despite the increase in the number of investors buying properties to grow their wealth, there is still confusion around property tax legislation and the benefits of depreciation. As an accountant, you're in an ideal position to help educate your clients on the value of including depreciation deductions with their tax return. Equally, you can advise them on how to choose a good provider for depreciation schedules.

Assisting Accountants prepare Property Depreciation Schedules

Saving money on Investment Properties

Like most things, price is not a good indicator of the quality of the depreciation schedule. A comprehensive and accurate schedule could potentially deliver your clients thousands in added benefits. Likewise, a poorly prepared schedule could mean they miss out on much needed deductions and potentially owe thousands in tax.

Our depreciation schedules and advice are highly regarded in the property industry, while our fees are very competitive, as well as 100% tax deductible.

Why use specialists?

Property tax legislation can be complex. Identifying all depreciating assets and building allowances takes time and know how. Sometimes it's best to leave it to the specialists.

Our Quantity Surveyors are registered tax agents, who will analyse and assess your client's property, and prepare a tax depreciation schedule that will maximise deductions from both building allowances and depreciation assets, plants & equipment items (Division 40 and 43 allowances).

Don't trust your client's wellbeing to just anyone. Use only experienced professionals with a proven track record in property. Our parent company Napier & Blakeley have over 30 years' experience in property, providing exemplary surveying services for commercial and corporate clients.

Help us, help you give your clients, the best advice and the best service. We'll guarantee they'll receive their full depreciation entitlements to help them gain the maximum return on their property investments.

Here's what one accountant had to say about engaging our services:

“As an accountant with many clients who have property investments, it’s imperative for me to make sure my clients are receiving accurate depreciation schedules to achieve the most from their investments. I have used NBtax for three of my own investment properties in Victoria, as well as recommending them to countless other clients.
“I switched to NBtax after a competitor failed to inspect the entire property belonging to client. They incorrectly assumed the contents of a property resulting in the exclusion of a car stacker. The depreciation schedule was incorrect and the failure to include all relevant deductions resulted in a considerable underclaim. NBtax inspected the property and completed a new schedule enabling my client to claim all their depreciation entitlements. The experience was 100% better both financially and professionally.”
“Since changing to NBtax by Napier & Blakeley, my clients and I have found the process stress free and simple. Applications forms are completed online for speedy processing. Once the information is received by NBtax, the Quantity Surveyor or Building Inspector contacts the client or the Property Manager and organises a property inspection. Following the inspection, a detailed and accurate schedule is issued within 2 to 3 weeks. My clients are happy as they are receiving quality schedules enabling them to maximise their allowances on their property investment.
"I have found NBtax by Napier & Blakeley to be higly reliable and professional - always going the extra mile to ensure the best outcomes for the client."

We are trusted advisors in property tax depreciation

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