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As a realtor, you want to give your clients every opportunity to sell their property for the best price. Depreciation can help you achieve this. How? Prospective buyers, especially investors want to know what costs thay can offset against rental income to increase return on investment.

For existing residential investment properties, depreciation on buildings and some plant & equipment items may apply depending on the age of the property. Renovations and purchases of new plant & equipment items to improve the value of the property will also attract depreciation benefits. So, knowing potential depreciation benefits will make you client's property more attractive to buyers.

New properties will incur depreciation on both building and plant &equipment items delivering up to 40 years of benefits for investors. Even more reason for your clients and potential buyers to know the amount of depreciation allowances available on these new investment properties.

Our NBtax team works with real estate agents across the country, providing them with indicative tax depreciation estimates to aid in the sales process of new and old properties. Together, we can achieve more - work with us!

I’ve engaged NBtax by Napier & Blakeley to prepare depreciation schedules for my past clients with commercial investment properties and later for my own residential and commercial properties for over 30 years. I have always found them to be very efficient and diligent in preparing accurate depreciation schedules. Whenever, I have had any queries, they have been prompt to provide professional quality advice, conveying factual and clear information.
“I have received many benefits by using specialists. These include; a greater cash flow and disposable income via the depreciation allowances identified in these schedules. My taxable income was significantly reduced, plus I’ve saved on accounting fees.
“I would strongly advise investors to use only qualified Quantity Surveyors such as NBtax when requesting depreciation schedules. They understand the complexities of property tax legislation, and allocate valuations to items within a property. Various items of plant and equipment have different deductions to be applied. They are experts at calculating values and depreciation allowances that are rightly yours.

Graham Stehn, Retired Real Estate Agent

Property Managers - You can help your clients unlock the potential in their assets.

Given investors are trusting you to protect and manage their investment assets, you are in an ideal position to advise and guide landlords with their property strategy. In the same way, you would recommend repairs or upgrades to maintain a property's value, reminding clients about the benefits of depreciation shows you care about their financial well-being as well.

Referring your clients to respected and trusted Quantity Surveyors like NBtax by Napier & Blakeley will give you peace of mind, they will receive excellent service and comprehensive depreciation schedules.

Established since 1985, our company has been helping property professionals deliver more for their clients through quantity surveying and depreciation. Let us help you protect your client's financial interest in their properties as well.

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