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Want a better return on your investment property?

Claim all your tax depreciation benefits with us!

As a property investor you want to claim the maximum deductions for your investment, so you can enjoy positive cash flow. Potentially you could gain thousands to reinvest or spend on a comfortable lifestyle for you and your family - the choice is yours.

Our job is to help you reduce your taxable income by maximising the available property tax depreciation found within your property investment.

We do this by meticulously assessing all assets and other expenses that you are eligible to claim as deductions. Once all the data is analysed, we calculate your depreciation benefits and compile a comprehensive and accurate depreciation schedule to include with your tax return. This schedule is an excellent benchmark to measure the performance of your investment property too.

Depreciation deductions will offset your rental income and reduce your taxable income significantly. It makes good business sense to invest in a quality and comprehensive schedule to gain the most benefits.

Why engage us?

Our Quantity Surveyors have an in-depth understanding of the property tax legislation and construction processes and costs.

They work with a proven methodology and have the full support of our parent company, Napier & Blakeley which has an impressive 30 year track record as Australia's leading Quantity Surveyors.

Our people are highly regarded and trusted for their professionalism and knowledge. They work hard to gain the best results for our commercial corporate clients, and will do so for you too.

Knowing costs are a real concern for all property owners, our depreciation schedules are priced competitively, keeping the cost relative to the size and location of your property. We offer investors depreciation schedules at a special price for newly built houses or apartments in property developments in which we have been involved. Our schedule fees are 100% tax deductible as well.

Here's what one of our clients had to say...

“I engaged NBtax by Napier & Blakeley to conduct an inspection of our investment property and prepare a depreciation report for my tax return. I found the process extremely easy and straightforward. A member of the NBtax team inspected our apartment at Coolum Beach. They were very thorough with their review and follow up, requesting further information about the renovation work conducted on the property. All the data was collated accurately. The deprecation schedule was prepared with appropriate values attributed for building allowances, and plant & equipment items. This was my first depreciation report for this property and a great benchmark for future deductions. I was very impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. Strongly recommend NBtax to investors looking for a quality depreciation schedule and excellent service.”

We are trusted advisors in property tax depreciation

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