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Developers & Project Marketers

Want to value-add for investors and sell more properties?

Partner with us to deliver cost-effective quality depreciation schedules.

With so many new properties on the market, how can you make your development attractive for investors?

Providing investors with tax depreciation estimates is one way you can value-add to your property. Knowing upfront how much property tax depreciation buyers could receive would enable them to factor this into their finances and make informed buying decision.

The tax depreciation advantages on newly built homes or apartments are significant. Investors can claim purchase costs, building allowance, and depreciation on all plant & equipment inclusions sold with the property for up to 40 years. This could mean thousands in depreciation deductions for savvy investors, delivering an increased cashflow.

making properties more attractive to investors

NBtax partnering with property developers

Why work with us?

By partnering with NBtax by Napier & Blakeley we will help you provide comprehensive tax depreciation estimates for potential clients. This is a huge advantage for developers and project marketers with newly constructed or off-the-plan aimed at investors.

Once people have purchased their investment property, we can offer our depreciation schedules at a reduced cost due to our involvement with your development - creating a win win scenario for everyone involved.

Our Quantity Surveyors and Tax Analysts have decades of experience between them. Supported by our parent company, Napier & Blakeley which has an impressive record of accomplishments providing quantity surveying services to the property industry for over 30 years.

“Working with the NBtax team, specifically on our new residential projects Art House and Lucid Apartments at South Brisbane has been great. Our clients appreciate receiving comprehensive depreciation schedules with all deductions clearly itemised. These schedules enable investors to maximise their deductions and offset rental income from their investment properties. We’ve found NBtax to be very professional and responsive providing a quick turnover of reports. They are highly experienced with a solid track record in the property industry. We enjoy a good working relationship and are pleased to provide our clients with access to depreciation schedules through NBtax.”

We are trusted advisors in property tax depreciation

Feel free to discuss with us how we can maximise the available tax benefits from your investment property.