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Are you claiming depreciation for your tennis court?

Many property developers are providing various alternative community attractions as a way of enticing investors and tenants. Multi use tennis courts is a recent example which can be used all year round, provide an area for fitness besides tennis such as basketball and require less ongoing maintenance than pools. 

If your investment property has a tennis court, you can claim depreciation allowances for the court, plus plant and equipment items. For instance a tax deduction of 2.5% can be claimed and would apply to clay and concrete surfaces, bitumen and acrylic would attract a 10% deduction, while synthetic grass surfaces is 20%. The expected life of the court varies according to the type of surface typically up to 10 years. Further tax deductions are applicable to lights, fencing, posts, security, change rooms and furniture. If you have purchased new items such as netting, basketball back boards and ring, seating or outdoor furniture, a plant & equipment deduction of 15% would usually apply on the cost spent.  While a tennis court is a small part of the overall depreciation allowances on your investment property, as part of a body corporate, your apportionment of deductions for these items will help towards offsetting your taxable rental income. 

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