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As you are aware, the ATO requires owners of income earning residential properties seeking to claim capital allowances to submit a compliant Tax Depreciation Schedule.

Why is compliance important? Your depreciation deduction claims for Capital Works on buildings and structural improvements (Division 43) and Plant & Equipment Items (Division 40) must be in keeping with the ATO tax rulings. Only Registered Tax Agents and Quantity Surveyors are permitted to prepare these reports for submission to the ATO by taxpayers and their accountants. Failure to provide true and accurate depreciation claims will incur penalties. Our company, Napier & Blakeley is a Registered Tax Agent, and our inhouse team of Quantity Surveyors and Tax Analysts work together to prepare NBtax Residential Property Tax Depreciation Schedules for investors.

Easy and Stress-free Processing Once you have placed your order with us and provided basic details, we’ll arrange everything for you from inspection to the final report. The process is straightforward and stress-free. We have offices with our Quantity Surveyors and Tax Analysts located in all major capital cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth servicing regions in all Australian states.

As Registered Tax Agents and Qualified Quantity Surveyors

NBtax can ensure that we get the best results possible on your investment property depreciation.

Licensed Tax Agents for preparing Depreciation Schedule Reports

By working with NBtax, we can help you claim thousands in capital allowances to reduce your taxable income. Most importantly, you can sleep soundly knowing your depreciation claims are totally compliant.
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Complete the online form below.  You need to have information ready such as purchase price, contract exchange date, settlement date, land value, legal fees, and stamp duty costs to complete the form accurately. 



Our service fee can be paid by credit card or electronic transfer. This fee will vary depending on the location and size of your property, plus if furniture depreciation is to be included in your schedule. Our standard fee for Property Tax Depreciation Report of residential investment properties in major metropolitan areas starts from $800 + GST.  Our fee is totally tax deductible. 

This fee offer is valid for 30 days from the date of settlement. Should this period pass please contact us for a revised fee. Deduction of our fee does not signify completion of the report and normal processing times will apply



Once you have submitted the application form with your  payment, our NBtax team will be in contact to discuss your particular property, collate information and arrange for a property inspection as or if required.



On completion of the evaluation of your property, our qualified Quantity Surveyors and Tax Analysts will prepare comprehensive, precise and compliant depreciation schedules for submission with your income tax return. Our report information will include:

  • Valuation methodology
  • Expenditure Analysis
  • Diminishing Value Depreciation Schedule
  • Prime Cost Depreciation Schedule
  • Low-value Pool Schedule
  • Division 43 Capital Works Schedule
  • Certification
  • Summary of Results
  • Tax Allowances Flow